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Wondering where we will be next? 

Looking to try a flavour of Cowboy's Caviar jerky for the first time or

to try one you have never tried before?

Maybe you are in the mood for a taste of your favorite flavour?

Want to learn about our wonderful fundraising program?

Simply like to stop by and say hi to some of our great staff? 

Have a look at our calendar we have many fantastic

trade show events lined up and we have them all listed here. 

We will also remind you on our Facebook and Instagram pages follow us there too.

We would love to meet you! 

For all the details simply click on a colored square in the calendar.

From time to time things may change at the last minute.  If this happens we will do our best to update the calendar as quickly as possible.   

In the mean time we look forward to meeting with our fantastic customers. 

This is going to be another year full of exciting fun filled adventures. 

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