We have put together several package options for you to choose from.  If by chance you have something else in mind please feel free to contact us we will be happy to work with you to figure it out.

Interested in learning more about the ingredients and nutritional facts for each of the flavours. Everything is listed below for you to look through.




When placing an order enter "0" beside flavours you do not want to order.

When placing an order enter "0" beside flavours you do not want to order.



Cowboy's Candy.jpg

A very exclusive flavour we are proud to call our own.  It is the perfect balance of sweet with a dash of pepper.  This flavour will have you digging to the bottom of the bag for more.

Cowboy's Candy Beef Jerky nutritional fa
Cowboy's Caviar Original 80g Beef Jerky.

What can we say Original is the most basic of flavours.  Not a lot of spice yet just the right amount to give you a perfect taste savored by many.  Always a good place to start.

Cowboy's Caviar Original 80g Beef Jerky
Cowboy's Caviar Teriyaki 80g.jpg

A classic taste most are familiar with.  Not too sweet, not too salty, not too smoky, it is just the right blend of perfection.  If you enjoy teriyaki flavour this is sure to be one to add to your list.

Cowboy's Caviar Teriyaki 80g Beef Jerky

This flavour has just a nice hint of heat, or maybe we should say a bit of a slow after burn.  First you taste the sweet then you taste the heat.  After a few pieces you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Cowboy's Caviar Hot N Sweet 80g Beef Jer
Cowboy's Caviar Peppered 80g Beef Jerky

If you like black peppercorns then this flavour is for you.  It is not ghost pepper hot but still has a nice kick of spicy flavour.  Once you get into the bag a bit the peppered flavour presents itself nicely.

Cowboy's Caviar Peppered 80g nutritional