Cowboy's Caviar basket by the Fence

We have done our best to answer the most commonly asked questions about Cowboy's Caviar in this section.  However, if we happen to have missed a particular question or concern you may have please feel free to ask us.  You never know we may just go ahead and share the answer for everyone to see.

How is Cowboy's Caviar unique?


Cowboy's Caviar is a soft chew jerky which makes it easy for people of all ages to enjoy.  We think everyone should have the option for a great protein snack.  Our jerky is not your traditional whole muscle jerky, but then that is what makes it deliciously different.


Is Cowboy's Caviar made only from beef?


We are happy and proud to say our jerky is made from 100% Canadian beef !  We are pleased to report our product is made in Saskatchewan.  It feels great to do our part for the economy by supporting our local farmers. 


Where can I find the nutritional facts and ingredient list?

Looking for information on the nutritional facts and ingredients no problem.  Go to the online store you will find our labels posted toward the bottom of the page for you to look over.


Do you have any gluten free options ?


This is always a tricky answer.  First of all we have 3 flavours that do not contain gluten, they are Original, Peppered and Hot N Sweet.  However, Cowboy's Caviar is not produced in a gluten free plant.  We would love everyone to be able to enjoy our jerky but we cannot say what is best for you.  We leave that for each individual to decide on their own with the information provided.


Does Cowboy's Caviar have a fundraising program ?


Yes we do !  We work with many terrific groups all over Saskatchewan every year that love our program.   Head on over to our fundraising  page to learn more.  


My group is not from Saskatchewan can we still do a fundraiser with Cowboy's Caviar ?


Yes you can. We look forward to working with groups outside of Saskatchewan this year and in years to come.  Send us an email and we can get started when ever your group is ready.


Where can I buy Cowboy's Caviar beef jerky?


We are delighted to say we have worked very hard over the years to grow our retail footprint.  As a result we are in approximately 300 stores in Saskatchewan.  In June 2020 Cowboy's Caviar expanded into Manitoba and in July 2020 we added Alberta to the mix.   We are extremely grateful to have such a fabulous line up of participating retailers that carry our product.  Click here for a list of our store locations.


Looking to become a retailer ?


We are always looking for new store locations to work with.  Please use our contact page to get in touch.

What if I don’t live where Cowboy's Caviar Jerky is sold ?


Well you are in luck!  We are now able to ship our jerky Canada wide.  Even more exciting we have a new online store feel free to check it out.


Are you on Social Media ?


We sure are !  You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  From time to time we have a draw for a great gift basket or maybe tickets for an event.  You just never know what we will come up with.  Be sure to follow and like us today. 


How long does Cowboy's Caviar keep unopened?


If the package is unopened it has a one year shelf life from date of production.  The best before date will be stamped on the package.



Do I need to keep Cowboy's Caviar jerky in the fridge once opened?


If you do not consume the whole package right away it should be eaten within 3 days.  It is our recommendation to keep refrigerated in a sealed container or bag once it has been opened.   Regardless of the brand, jerky is made from meat and will keep fresher in the fridge even though not required. 


What do I do if my package has been damaged?


If you have any questions or concerns about Cowboy's Caviar jerky please feel free to contact us.   We want our customer to have a great experience with our jerky and we are here to help.